How to be a professionnal housekeeper

You have had a satisfactory interview and you have the job!.

Well now is the time to demonstrate your employer why he/she will not regret that decision. Please have a look at this simple but important VALUES you may take into account: servicio_domestico_trabajo


Not going to the appointment without telling in advance or arriving late to your job will cause a problem to your employer and will decrease the good image your employers has about you. Every effort to be punctual at all times is important as well as always making a phone call to tell what is going on.


When you say you are going to do something and/or be somewhere, others are relying on you to do so. This is what gives you "integrity" and makes you someone that others can count on.


Crossing boundaries with your employer can not only cause problems in your relationship and be embarrassing but can also get you fired.  It is best not to cross any lines between you and your employer. Remember your personal problems should never affect your work and your employer is not responsible for that.


servicio_domestico_empleoAny hint of storytelling or blatant lying is not looked upon favorably. It may be hard at times to reveal the truth, but you are more respected for coming clean on any issue, then your grand efforts to circumvent the facts.

Being trusted is clearly admirable and valuable in the relationship with your employer.


Slacking off in anything you do is viewed as laziness. You may begin strong and put all your efforts forward, but if you ultimately stop doing so, the efforts from the start will be forgotten. All that remains in one's memory is your current level of productivity. A constant and continued effort to remain hardworking is necessary.


Your attitude is crucial to having the family want to remain in your presence. We all have personal concerns: bringing them to work is distracting and troubling to others. Stay focused on the job. Your pleasant nature will reflect a positive demeanor.


Things will not always pan out as planned. Your ability to roll with the punches may be necessary. Rigidity can be stifling and viewed upon by your employer as the inability to adapt to change. Certain routines at work can be comforting; however, a path not ventured could also be interesting and challenging.


If you think you know everything, you obviously know very little. A continued effort to learn about your field and further educate yourself in your skills can only help you be better at what you do. An effort to learn something new will also help you expand your talents and qualifications - perhaps even making you "indispensable". Improve your cooking, try to clean where you normally do not clean, try to find new things to motivate the children (now that you know better their personalities and interest, etc.)