How to prepare your job interview

Congratulations, we have set an interview for you, please, follow this recommendations:biodata_domestichelper_housekeeping

1. Writte down the date of the interview and the employers address and contact data

2. If you have any problem to go to the interview, please, tell our agency as soon as possible so we can postpone to another day. If you do not reach us for any reason, please call the employer to cancel.

3. Prepare a list of information you want to know about the job:

3.1    Description of a normal weekday of the family

3.2    Character of the children and what pattern of education are they following

3.3    Daily rutine: household chores, type of cooking, etc.

3.4    Ask to have a look at the house

3.5    If the children are in the interview, talk to them and tell them to show their rooms

3.6    Finally, at the end of the conversation salary, free days and timetable